We set out to make a film to raise consciousness with over 25 individuals telling their stories, hoping to reach more inclusive hearts and bring our communities together. In early 2017 our team began production capturing moments in time that will last forever. Moments of struggle, diversity, and community. We raised just over $15,000 to help complete our film and get us on our way in submitting to film festivals and purchasing our professional screening DCP. We paid the best musicians in town to help us record our original soundtrack as well it was professionally mixed and mastered by a Grammy nominated producer. With now over 60 submissions to film festivals we have reached a point where more fundraising is needed.

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We have received 2 Official Selections so far in 2018. Phoenix Film Festival and the Atlanta Independent Film Festival both in the month of April. From our sold out debuts in Phoenix and Atlanta our film is making a positive impact on the communities across the US. To cap it all off we received our first cover story in the May issue of Echo Magazine on newstands now.

Atlanta Independent Film Festival
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How do we reach more people? How can we get this film out to a larger audience? How soon can we start healing the wounds of hate and start heading towards a more inclusive society?


Help us raise $50,000 in the next 50 days.

Every dollar is going to help our film reach more inclusive hearts through college campus screenings, to more film festival submissions, as well as our Theatrical World Premiere this winter. Our goal is to have 50 theatrical screenings as well as 50 campus screenings in the next two years. We have already locked in 3 of the top independent movie theaters in the southwest including Filmbar in Phoenix, The Loft in Tucson, and Art Theater in Long Beach. Each of these theaters will be hosting our film starting this Winter. (Dates TBA) We are also in the process of confirming our first campus screenings at Arizona State University, The University of Arizona, Redlands University in California, Northwestern College in Iowa, and many more already in the works. We need your help, if you can help bring our film to a theater or a college campus or a film festival please contact us directly at Together we can be the positive change.


Through the next 50 days we will be offering several different packages you can buy into as a funder and producer of our film. Sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date or support our campaign today using the Bravo Tip Or Pay App. You can also click the button below to pay online with a credit card and help us reach our goal of $50,000 in 50 days. Every dollar counts and every share matters.

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